Constitutional Rights Foundation of Orange County


Mock Trial

Mock Trial

High school students compete in a four- week tournament trying a hypothetical criminal case in actual courtrooms before real judges. Students enact every role in the trial and attorneys evaluate and score their performances.


Peer Court

A unique juvenile diversion program that gives juvenile offenders a second chance and offers students the opportunity to experience what it is like to sit on a jury.


Law Day

A one-day conference where students explore both sides of topical legal issues.


Career Forum

A one-day conference where students interact with business professionals to explore a variety of potential career options.

Constitution Day

An interactive classroom experience involving a constitutional issue presented by judges and attorneys.

Middle School Moot Court

Middle School Moot Court

Middle school students are given a set of facts that raise a legal issue. Using a closed library of cases, the students present an argument as to why the Court should resolve the issue in their favor.