Peer Court

Peer Court is a unique juvenile crime diversion program that offers both a second chance to first-time juvenile offenders who have committed non-violent misdemeanors and a valuable educational experience to all high school students in Orange County. Peer Court sessions are held on school campuses across Orange County. Sitting judges preside, attorneys advise and high school students designated as “jurors” assess the cases presented and assign appropriate sanctions. Students in the audience observe and participate in an interactive curriculum, learning about the juvenile justice system and the importance of making responsible decisions.

Virtual Peer Court

CRF-OC will be hosting Virtual Peer Court sessions for the time being. The sessions are open to all Orange County high school students. In order to be eligible to serve as a juror, students must first complete a 1-hour virtual training. Below are the dates of our upcoming trainings. Once a student has completed the training, they will be on a list of eligible jurors. When a Virtual Peer Court session is scheduled, we will inform the trained jurors on how they can register to serve on the jury.

Upcoming Juror Training Sessions:

Monday, December 6, 2021 at 4:00 PM Register:

Students must use their personal email to register (not their school-issued one) in order to ensure they receive communications from CRF-OC staff. Virtual Peer Court sessions are filled on a first come, first served basis.


If your school is interested in participating in the Peer Court program, please contact CRF-OC staff. Students of schools that do not participate in the Peer Court program are welcome to attend any of our summer sessions.

The Peer Court sessions that are held at schools are only open to students that attend that school.

Our Partners

  • Waymakers (formerly Community Service Programs, Inc.)
  • Orange County Probation Department
  • Orange County Superior Court
  • Orange County Department of Education
  • Orange County District Attorney’s Office
  • Local Police Departments
  • Local Law Firms


For sponsorship information, contact CRF-OC Executive Director Shara Witkin.